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  Countryside Education



Countryside Education



This degree is differently structured in two stages: School time (with intensive classroom teaching during the months of January and July) and Community Time, in which students – integrated to their original communities and accompanied by professors from the Countryside education program – will develop their learning. The studies last for one year (in two terms) and is structured in eight terms, totaling four years.


Labor market

Teaching in rural schools of Basic Education preferably in the final years of elementary school and high school, regular and professional, in its various modalities; Working together with the school community, in the supervision, elaboration and monitoring of pedagogical projects based on the Pedagogy of Alternation. Management of School Educational Processes: in educational secretariats (municipal, state and ministerial) to conceive, manage and implement educational projects and programs focused on agrarian development in its educational component.


Admission Options

The admission to the Countryside Education major is carried out through specific selective process, normally through conduction of an assessment.





Countryside Education



Type of Education

Pedagogy of Alternation


Every semester

Nº of admissions per year



Four years (eight semesters)

Year of Recognition


Campus city


Admission requirement

Complete High School


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