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Multicentric Graduate Program in Chemistry at Minas Gerais



The multicenter Graduate Program in Chemistry aims at meeting a growing demand for high-level human resources training at the state of Minas Gerais. Graduates from undergraduate majors need continuous training and improvement of their studies – what requires a Stricto Sensu Graduate program.



Through investigations in Chemistry, we intend to elaborate collective knowledge construction, aiming to foster local and educational potentialities, in order to form a collective of professors/researchers able to point out solutions and alternatives to the constant challenges that Chemistry presents.


Target Audience

Graduates in Chemistry (undergraduate or master) or related areas.

Concentration area




Complete higher education (undergraduate or master) in Chemistry or related areas.


Coordination and secretariat


Phone: +55 (34) 3331-3144 / +55 (34) 3331-3146


Unidade II

Av. Dr. Randolfo Borges Junior, 1400 – Campus Univerdecidade

Uberaba/MG – CEP: 38064-200


Additional Information

Year of Approval / Authorization: 2013

Conferred Title: Master´s and PhD degree

Type of Education: Classroom attendance

Type of admission: Selective process conducted every semester. Exams (Masters) / Exams and Research Project (PhD).

City: Uberaba

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