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Graduate Program in Environmental Science and Technology



The Master´s program in Environmental Science and Technology is intended to train human resources to work in the academic field, in research institutions and in the productive sector, establishing a connection with several areas of knowledge. The development of research projects, coordinated by professionals with different backgrounds, associated to the use of technologies related to the solution of environmental problems will lead to inter and multidisciplinary training of qualified and competent professionals who will be able to act in multiple segments where environmental issues are the core study. 



The goals of this Master´s Degree in Environmental Science and Technology are: to provide graduate students with an integrated view of environmental science and technology so that they can access both the knowledge about the functionality and dynamics of environmental systems and about technologies for prevention and control. Students are also going to develop basic and applied research, deepen technical studies and structure relevant and innovative projects that lead to the development of new technologies for environmental monitoring and sanitation.


Target Audience

The implementation of projects related to the two lines of research (Diagnosis and Monitoring of Environmental systems and Technologies for the prevention and control of environmental impacts) require an interdisciplinary approach since a broader understanding of the structure and functioning of the environment - as well as the development and application of technologies - require work by professionals from different areas of knowledge.  This way, such program offers opportunities in different fields of knowledge: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Agronomy, Engineering, among others. 


Concentration area 

Environmental quality

The Environmental Quality concentration area aims to train professionals to act in an interdisciplinary approach for the preservation and remediation of environmental systems, involving aspects of natural sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), human sciences (management, planning and education), and/or applied science.


Lines of Research

Diagnosis and monitoring of environmental systems 
Developing investigation on environmental diagnosis and monitoring based on indicators of water, air and soil quality. 

Technologies for the Prevention and Control of Environmental Impacts
Developing technologies to minimize impacts resulted from anthropogenic actions. Projects are directed to the reduction and transformation of waste in generating sources through technologies applied to the treatment of supply water and wastewater, prioritizing energy efficiency and decrease of natural resources consumption.


Coordination and secretariat

Phone: +55 (34) 3331-3027


Av. Dr. Randolfo Borges Júnior,1250 – Univerdecidade
Uberaba - MG CEP -38064-200


Additional Information

Program Authorization: 2015/2016

Title: Master´s degree

Type of Education: Classroom attendance

Type of Admission: Admission to the Master´s Program in Environmental Science and Technology is carried out once a year and only through the selective call published by the Dean of Research and Graduate studies (PROPPG/UFTM)

Requirements for admission: Complete higher education

City: Uberaba

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