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Graduate Program in Physiotherapy



Academic Master´s Program (UFTM and UFU)

This Master´s degree in Physiotherapy is a collaboration between the Physiotherapy majors at UFTM and UFU. It aims at meeting the growing need to expand research projects, in addition to training professors and researchers in Physiotherapy. The lines of research propose to investigate aspects related to functional evaluation and to plan actions of promotion, prevention and physiotherapeutic interventions in musculoskeletal, cardio-respiratory and neurological systems.



This Master´s program seeks to stimulate and develop research in Physiotherapy, training and qualifying human resources for research and education, always aiming at the production of knowledge applicable to society and encouraging the development of evaluation and intervention methods in the context of Physiotherapy. 

Target audience

Graduates in Physiotherapy and other health-related lines of research.


Concentration area

Evaluation and Intervention in Physiotherapy

Conduct studies on Physiotherapy considering the processes of evaluation, promotion, prevention and intervention. It seeks to relate information on evaluation and instrumentation for the physiotherapeutic interventions in the different biological systems in order to meet the individuals´ demand in the health-disease process.


Lines of Research

Process of Physiotherapeutic Assessment and Intervention of the Musculoskeletal System

Processes of Physiotherapeutic Assessment and Intervention in the Cardiorespiratory and Neurological Systems



Undergraduate major in Physiotherapy or related area.


Secretariat and Coordination

Coordinator E-mail:

Secretariat E-mail :

Address : Guilherme Ferreira, 1940

Phone: (34) 3700-6655


Additional Information

Year of Approval/Authorization: 2015/2016

Title awarded: Academic Master

Type of Education: Classroom attendance

Type of admission: Selective Process

City: Uberaba/MG or Uberlândia/MG


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