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 Physical Education



Physical Education



The Bachelor degree in Physical Education aims to train qualified professionals to plan, prescribe, guide, advise and supervise physical activity programs, recreational and sportive activities for health prevention, promotion, protection and rehabilitation and for the management, organization and practice of physical and sportive training.


Labor market

The bachelor in Physical Education trained at UFTM should be able to work with activities´ planning in hostels, camps, clubs and condominiums. One should also be able to work with effective actions in the area of physical activity promotion with a focus on health promotion; with sport management and training; at official departments of Education, Culture, Sports and Health, besides community centers, parks, clinics, spas, hospitals, kindergartens, children´s homes and with special groups such as pregnant women, the physically and mentally disabled, people with obesity-related problems, orthopedic and cardiovascular problems, among others.


Admission Options

Sisu - Students who are interested in applying for a place at UFTM must necessarily sign up and attend the tests related to the National Examination of High School Education – Enem. 

Transfer students - Intended for UFTM students who are attending related majors, as well as for students from other national or foreign higher education institutions who wish to transfer to the same major or to related majors.

Diploma holders – Intended for candidates who have already completed a higher education major and who are willing to attend a new undergraduate major at UFTM.





Physical Education



Academic Title awarded


Type of Education

Classroom meetings


Every semester

Nº Admissions per year



Four years (eight semesters)

Year of Recognition


Class time

Full time

Campus city


Admission requirement

Complete High School




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