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Graduate Program in Education



The graduate Program in Education is focused on the study and investigation of educational fundamentals and practices, from the epistemological bases of research in education and the association of the educational process with scientific areas such as Philosophy, Mathematics, Language, Ethics and Corporeity. The program also embraces research on the training of professors, on the constitution of their professional identity, their knowledge and practices considering pedagogical innovations and the relationship between languages, technologies, learning and development in educational processes.



The general objective is to develop study and research in the education area, as well as to train professionals qualified for this purpose, considering the socio-political context of the region and Brazil, in close relation with other educational institutions and areas of knowledge.


Target audience

Professionals interested in carrying out research in education and related lines of research;

Education professionals engaged with teaching, pedagogical coordination and management in educational spaces and at different educational levels and types.


Concentration area

Educational Fundamentals and training of professors

Description/Characterization: Conduction of research in the fields of education fundamentals and methodologies, as well as policies, knowledge and educational practices, teacher training and digital culture in interface with education.


Lines of Research

Education Fundamentals and Practices

Training of Professors and digital culture 


Complete higher education 

Coordination and secretariat


Phone : +55 (34) 3700-6937 


Av. Getúlio Guarita, 159, Centro Educacional, sala 326 – bairro Abadia

CEP: 38025-440 Uberaba/MG 

Additional Information

Year of Approval/Authorization: 2012

Conferred Title: Master

Type of Education: Classroom attendance

Type of Admission: Selection process conducted every year

City: Uberaba

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