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Professional Master in Languages



The Professional Master´s Program in Languages (PROFLETRAS), offered in a national network, is a graduate stricto sensu program in Languages recognized by Capes - the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel.

This program aims at training Portuguese Language Teachers for working with Elementary Education, contributing to the improvement of the quality of education in the country. 


Its main objectives are: i) to increase the education quality of students at the primary level, with a view to achieving the desired upward trend in students´ proficiency in reading and writing; ii) to decrease the current dropout rates of elementary school students; iii) to train multiliteracy skills required in the globalized world with the presence of Internet; iv) to develop pedagogies that make proficiency in literacy compatible to the nine years of elementary education.


Target Audience

The target audience of Profletras is made up of teachers from all generations of Languages undergraduate majors who teach Portuguese in elementary schools.


Concentration area

Languages and Literacies.


Lines of Research

Language studies and Social Practices: Studies on language, text, discourse, literacies and their implications for the teachers´ professional development in basic education. Language uses in multiple contexts of social interaction. Theoretical approaches to language in the pedagogical practice. Investigations on the applied field of mother language teaching.

Literary Studies: Epistemological discussions on literature focused on basic school teachers´ education and professional development. Education of the literature reader. The school approach to multiple literary production – from national and world classical texts to expressions of African and Brazilian Indigenous production. The teachers´mediation for the aesthetic experience of reading and writing literary texts. 


Admission Requirements

A) To hold a higher education degree in Languages – Portuguese, duly registered by the Ministry of Education; b) To be a Portuguese teacher at a public education Elementary School (1st to 9th grade) in Brazil, being regularly and permanently admitted to the school staff and c) To be teaching Portuguese Language in any year of Elementary Education (1st to 9th years).


Coordination and secretariat

Phone: +55 (34) 3700-6614



Rua Conde Prados, 155 – Bairro Abadia



Additional Information

Year of Approval/Authorization: 2013

Conferred Title: Master´s degree

Type of Education: Classroom attendance and online involvement

City: Uberaba

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