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 Electrical Engineering



Electrical Engineering



The Engineering programs at UFTM aim at the formation of generalist professionals with solid theoretical and practical knowledge, who are able to elaborate, implement, audit and analyze technical and scientific projects in the most diverse areas covered by their training. The student will also be trained and encouraged to participate in the development of research that allows him to monitor, to use and to help develop new technologies related to technological evolution of electrical engineering. He/she will also be able to work administratively in the performance of engineering-related management functions.


Labor market

The electrical engineer develops and manages systems of generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. Such professionals are entitled to execute projects and studies on energy deficiency and renewable energy sources, to elaborate, supervise and improve telecommunication systems and also to develop projects for measuring systems and for electro-electronics instrumentation, machine drives, lighting, protection against lightning, grounding and automation.


Admission Options

Sisu - Students who are interested in applying for a place at UFTM must necessarily sign up and take the tests related to the National Examination of High School Education – Enem. 

Transfer students - Intended for UFTM students who are attending related majors, as well as for students from other national or foreign higher education institutions who wish to transfer to the same major or to related majors.

Diploma holders – Intended for candidates who have already completed a higher education major and who are willing to attend a new undergraduate major at UFTM.

Readmission – Intended for students who are not enrolled anymore in any undergraduate major at UFTM but wish to return to their studies.





Electrical Engineering



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Complete High School




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