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  Teaching Degree Infield of Education

 Teaching Degree Infield of Education



This degree is structured differently in two stages: the School-Time (intensive classroom teaching in January and July) and Community-Time where students, inserted in their home communities and monitoring by teachers in Bachelor in Rural Education, develop the rest of their learning.

The degree has a year (or two semesters) common to the two areas of competency and is structured into eight semesters, four years in total.

 Labor market

Teaching in Primary Education: in schools of the field which offer basic education, preferably within the final years of elementary school and high school, regular and professional in its various forms; next to the school community, orientation, preparation and monitoring of guided pedagogical projects in the Pedagogy of Alternation. Management School Educational Processes:. In education departments (municipal, state and ministerial) to design, manage and execute projects and educational programs to agricultural development in its educational component.




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