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 History Teaching 


History Teaching 


What is and what is history for?
For some, history is nothing but a list of dates and names, something that has already passed, died and, therefore, says little or nothing to our present. However, in the words of French historian Marc Bloch: “History is the science of men over time”. That is, the history object is the action of men and women over time, so historical science produces knowledge about the trajectory of human beings in time, serving so that we may know our past but also think our present.

 Labor market

 A critical and theoretically grounded education viewed is essential to forming a committed professional who is able to integrate the market in a qualified way. In addition to teaching at basic education (primary and secondary school), such professionals may act in non-educational spaces such as museums, archives, non-governmental organizations, consulting firms, etc. The historian is a key element to our society. According to the English historian Peter Burke, it is assigned to historians to “remember what society wants to forget”.


Phone: +55 (34) 3318-6938

Address: Av. Getúlio Guaritá, nº30, sala 327 – Centro Educacional, 3º andar.

Uberaba - MG






Academic Title awarded:

History Teacher  

Type of Education:

Class meetings


Every semester

Nº of admissions per year



Four years (eight semesters)

Year of Recognition:

2008 / 2009

Class time:

Night time

Campus city:


Admission requirement:

Complete High School




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